Canal des deux mers Dieupentale France

A walk along the Canal des Deux Mers Dieupentale France (Canal of the two seas) that runs from near Bordeaux to near Sète linking the Mediterranean to the Atlantic.

This was a short walk along the canal near Dieupentale in the Tarn et Garonne département in south west France, about 40 minutes north of Toulouse.

It’s beautiful in Autumn with all the colours as the trees lose their leaves before winter.

The Canal des Deux Mers is great for walking and cycling holidays along the twopath that is generally in excellent condition all along the route.

Any ways, I was just trying out my new camera, which doesn’t seem to be bad at all, and taking the dogs for a walk.

If you like cycling or walking, this is a really great way to discover some parts away from the beaten track in the south west of France, whilst not being too far away from some really amazing and beautiful cities and towns along the way.

The canal passes close to Bordeaux, Agen, Montauban, Toulouse, Castelnaudary, Carcassonne and Sète as it winds its way gently through the ever-changing and beautiful French countryside.

There are some beautiful (and very good) restaurants alongside the canal where you can stop for lunch, dinner or just a quick drink or a coffee and croissant in beautiful peaceful settings and there is so much wildlife to see.

If you keep your eyes open you will surely spot grey herons, three types of egret, coypu, kingfishers, foxes, wild boar, deer, buzzards, red and black kites and otters – just to mention a few of the multitude of species that live on, or near the Canal des deux mers in France.

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