South India Highlights 2020 of our trip to Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in South India in January 2020.

From the deserted village destroyed by a tsunami at Rameshwaram, the tea plantations at Munnar and Fort Kochi, in the states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

South India Highlights 2020 shows some of the amazing and varied countryside from the golden beaches of Kerala to the very tip of south India in Tamil Nadu.

There are some places that are really unique, including the deserted village hit by a tsunami in the 60s to the high, cool mountains of the Western Ghat mountains and the tea gardens around Munnar.

Not only are the countryside, people and languages varied, but the food is absolutely amazing.

The fiery hot fish and seafood curries of Kerala and the explosive Chettinad chicken curries, all served on banana leaves with a selection of tasty breads and chutneys.

We have found that the best way to travel in India is to hire a driver with a car and to really plan the trip well ahead of time.

Of course all of the best made plans are to be broken, especially if you want to stay less time at some places and more times at others.

We like to have a private driver, so we can go where we please and we would hate to be part of an organised tour group – but that’s just us and our preferences.

A fabulous trip with a lot more highlights that can be covered by one video alone, so stay tuned for more of these highlights.

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