Exploring the City of Bangalore

City of Temples

India’s Silicon Valley

Exploring the City of Bangalore (Bengaluru) known as ‘The Silicon Valley of India’ due to the number of big international IT companies in the city.

Arriving at Kempegowda airport, you are hit by the real international feel of the place, partly due to the international bars and chain restaurants outside the airport. The airport is about 40 km from the centre of Bangalore, which can take an age to get to in peak times due to the heavy traffic.

The great thing about Bangalore is the climate, we were here in May and it was a nice 32°c, going down to about 25°c at night, whereas it was 46°c in Delhi.


Bangalore has many Hindu temples in the centre as well as mosques, churches and Jain temples.

Bangalore Palace is apparently modelled on Windsor castle and you can almost see this, it is a stark contrast, and almost seems out of place against the colourful and ornate temples.

Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace is worth a visit, it is mostly built of teak, set amongst ornate lawns and houses a museum. Next to the palace is a large temple complex dedicated to Hanuman, the monkey god.

Things to see &do

The fort built in the 16th century, the government museum, one of the oldest museums in India which has large collections of sculpture, pottery, weapons etc. Not far from the museum is the Visveshwaraya Science and Technology Museum; the botanical garden of Lalbagh, are a quiet getaway from the traffic-crowded streets.

The temple of Gangadhareshwara, the temple of Nandi, the Bull and you have to go to see the parliament, a draviden building built in 1954. 

Masjid-e-Khadria is one of the most beautiful mosques in Bangalore.
Trendy stores can be found on MG Road and Brigade road.

Food & Drink

Bangalore has quite a happening night life with good restaurants and lots of rooftop bars and restaurants, where you can watch the sun go down on the city and the lights take over.

Some of the restaurants are quite chic, which means the bill usually is too, but there are a lot of trendy places that are not really expensive.

Alcohol in all its guises are freely available and quite cheap too.

The best food we had in Bangalore was fiery aloo chat, vegetable thali and masala dosa, we also had a curious, but delicious green pancake type thing called a palak dosa. There are also all of the usual south Indian foods such as dosa, vada, uttapam, ghee dosa – all very delicious.

Final thoughts & recommendations

Bangalore feels curiously small, which is surprising as it is the 4th largest city in India and it has a fairly laid-back and relaxed atmosphere.

It’s a great city to visit and can be done in a couple of days, before heading off to other places in India. It is also close enough to Mysore (Mysuru) to allow for a day trip as well as being very close to the Nandi Hills for an exhillirating hike away from the traffic and fumes.

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