The remarkable Roman ruins of Salona

The remarkable Roman ruins of Salona are just outside Solin, a suburb just 5km northeast of Split in #Croatia.

Now part of an archaeological park, the Salona ruins are extensive, testifying to the importance of this colony under Roman rule.

Wandering this empire of ruins is an evocative journey to an era of emperors, gladiators and Christian martyrs and you are really transported to another age.

There are ample explanatory signs in English and the paths are well-marked.

It’s about a 15-minute unshaded walk to the amphitheatre at the park’s farthest reaches but it’s a pleasant walk past olive groves, orchards and flowering shrubs.

In ancient times Salona (today’s Solin) was a huge town – three times the size of #Pompeii, and it was the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia. A fabulous place to visit for nyone interested in #Archaeology and #History of The #Roman Empire.

Come with us on a visit to this remarkable and unique place.

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