Effective Learning for Travel Vocabulary – Here are some essential strategies for Effective Learning for Travel Vocabulary in any language – try some of them out – they really work.

The problem is that we try to learn vocabulary for our travels, then when we have to use it, we just can’t seem to find it – know the feeling?

Or we carry around a travel phrase book – or have one on our phone, and it takes so long to find the right words or expressions that we ultimately give up.

Now the problem is NOT you!

The problem is NOT that you are not any good at languages!

NO, the problem is that we often go against nature and try to use techniques that are illogical at best and just ineffective.

I would argue that all of us are excellent language learners, in fact we are all experts at language learning, quite simply because we all speak at least one language – that being our native language, or mother tongue.

So my argument would be, that if we can learn one language, then we should be able to learn at least one more.

The question remains as to why so many fail at language learning – which is not a difficult one to answer.

In fact, it all boils down to techniques, strategy and application.

To learn a language, all you need is 15 minutes a day (every single day), then some time and opportunity to apply this learning by actually using the language.

Most people will find a hundred excuses not to do this, but hardly a valid reason to do this – the secret is to provoke contact with the target language in some way – be it socially, professionally, online or in face-to-face situations.

Oh, and that leads me to another point about language learning – doing the donkey work and not giving up.

Here we look, in a lighthearted way, at some seriously good strategies for learning and retaining vocabulary for your travels – and they REALLY WORK! Well, if you work, these strategies will work 😁👍

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