Santorini – what a fabulous island. That’s what everyone says and we have all seen those fabulous sunset photos of the village of Oia with the romantic blue dome.

Follow us to see how to spend a week in Santorini we are sure you will love it!

We went in October, where the weather was good, temperatures were around 24 – 26°c and there were less tourists than are see in the hot summer months of July and August.

We love travelling out of season as flights and hotels are usually cheaper and there are just fewer people around.

We hired a quad to get around the island – most guide books discourage this form of transport due to it being dangerous. We found drivers were usually very careful when overtaking us on our quad, leaving a big gap between us and their vehicle.

We loved the fact that we could go where we wanted and when we wanted and parking was very easy too.

Look out for our next blog posts : Where and what to eat and stay in Santorini

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