The Watchtower of Essaouira is a video taken during a week in Essaouira in November 2021 – a fabulous little, historical coastal town on the Atlantic coast of Morocco.

The people are very friendly and the food is wonderful.

So many sights, sounds, smells and tastes to experience.

My first attempt at a Watchtower type video as done by Leonardo Dalessandri, Watchtower of Turkey.

Although The Watchtower of Essaouira is not up to the skills in film-making or editing, but that’s ok, as we are still learning and hopefully improving with each video we take.

I found that as long as you explain to people what you are doing and ask their permission before filming.

Most people are really up for participating in the video.

I also asked at our riad for them to write out on a piece of paper in both Arabic and the local dialect what we were doing so I could show it to people.

I think the watch word for anyone wanting to take photos or videos is to try to be sensitive and not encroach on people’s privacy and if you feel that it may cross those lines, just don’t do it.

Mostly filmed on an Osmo Pocket, Sony A6400 and a Sony ZV-1 and put together in Davinci Resolve 17.

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